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Why would you want to become a licensee of Win With Words vs other business opportunities out there.
The answer is simple. There is nothing like WIN WITH WORDS - we have no competition.

The greatest gift of success you could give to your child is to build their sense of self, their self-worth and self-esteem. SO JOIN OUR TEAM!

Public Speaking is one critical core life skill that no-one has realized or developed into a formal business model. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is the one critical life skill every single one of us uses every day regardless of what our career is? COMMUNICATION. 
2. What is one critical skill every employer seeks of their employees today? EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONSKILLS.
3. Which school(s) actually spend time developing this skill? HARDLY OR NONE AT ALL.

People talk. This is part of our daily life in every thing we do. We are comfortable with talking to people we know, but what about more than 1 person, groups presentations or a large crowd? The second fear people have in their lives after death is public speaking. The best way to overcome this fear is start kids young when they have no inhibitions and no fears.

Your next question would probably be what is so special about our curriculum?
The curriculum, referred to as Miss Rennu’s TLC Recipes. TLC means to Think, Lead & Communicate. Using TLC method, which we know is referred to as Tender, Loving Care,  instructors are trained to develop each child individually to believe in themselves, overcome any fear of speaking, enjoy speaking to an audience, begin to love the microphone, whilst at the same time learn important social issues, and engage with their peers. The purpose is to learn Freedom of Speech & Expression.
Review the Business Model details.

In order to be considered as a licensee for our product, please email or call 510-364-4033 or skype: rennudhillon1.

1. Initial Interview on Skype or Telephone - no cost.
2. Formal application with non-refundable application fee of $500 (US dollars).
3. Approval or denial of license
4. Invitation to visit our US Office and/or Formal License Agreement



"My son attended GK after school program in 2nd and 3rd grade. I must say that Ms Rennu is a visionary in the field of education. She saw the potential in my son and motivated him to believe in himself, work hard, always give the best of himself and excel. He loved the public speaking class and the holidays on stage performance. My son admires and respects her. I personally was impressed by her enthusiasm and her confidence. It was a great experience. I recommend her."

- Carine Eke Pokam, Fremont, California
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