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Our Future Leaders

Our Future Leaders


Enjoy our gallery of our students and prodigies who continue to excel as they learn various techniques in presentations and speeches.Kids have learned to speak on camera, using scripts and impromptu speech which are all part of the public speaking development course.

Public speaking is important because it is used in everyday life. Being able to speak in front of a group of people while accurately getting your point across is a valuable trait, especially in the business world. Do rate the speeches you enjoy listening to and check back regularly for more updates.



"“I am just amazed by her public speaking skills. I have noticed her improvement in such short period of time. Words fail me. Gabby can answer most of the questions in full sentences. I cant put my thoughts or feelings into words, especially because of surprise, like when she showed up on the stage and answered all the questions in such a disciplined way. Thank you so much Miss Rennu. Thank you so much for your big heart. Genius Kids Rock!! I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to your great support and encouragement to bring Gabriella up to speed. Thanks for the great efforts and patience. A big thank you to you all at Genius Kids. As always, thank you so much for your wonderful support and great assistance. Special thanks to what you did to Gabriella. Gabriella loves Genius Kids and Miss Rennu!”"

- Joanna Wong, Los Gatos, CA
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